Trick Or Treat Free Offer


Can someone please tell me who thought 1 molotov cocktail would be a good free item


You can take that free offer & stick up your candy asses



Really? Finding a way to turn getting something free into a bad thing? I thought it would be a good idea to get 1 molotov cocktail as a free item. lol Also the material/wood because we all know we need more wood. They could give me just the world energy refill and I would be happy. I don’t care for the rest but it is all free and wouldn’t have to waste time crafting that extra stuff.


Right now I could do with that 10k food trying to reach some of these ridiculous milestones. Obviously it will do sweet F.A but food is food


Leave it to people to complain about free crap. lulz


The can keep it I’m not collecting it. Why could we not have had just a simple haloween wheel with tokens farmable from raids, even just for 12 hours, can’t be that hard. Nope all we get for haloween in shit to buy in the shop


I love this offer. It helped me further my journey into Road to Survival, so idk what y’all are complaining about. :wink:


That dude just asked whose idea it was ? How is that complaining ?


Sure beats this dumb event


Lol I was simply just messing around. It’s not a big deal. We all know the offer is crap anyways. :joy:


Free is free :jack_o_lantern::ghost:


Hell it’s a free world can it made me feel dedicated af


Don’t think scopley want you getting those silver nuggets


I thought it was white dog poop like in stepbros :joy::joy: basically they are holding people heads down and making em lick white dog doo doo


Only Scopely could take a fun holiday and turn it into a big “screw you” to it’s players. Sorry, but that’s exactly what this silver nugget BS is. Give them some more money and they just MAY give you something you want.


stupid offer from a stupid company. two years and this is what they give.


That made my day ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only on this forum can people get an unexpected free gift and still bitch and moan…


For transparency’s sake – the Bloody T-Shirt was the Trick part lol


Theres a hidden message

World Can - Treat
Grenade + Molotov - Deadly Trick
Bloody T-shirt - Whats left of you after the deadly trick
Guts - Whats outside your bloody T-shirt
Food - Now you’re meat food for walkers