Treasure section missing from the black market?

Has anyone else got this can’t claim ruby’s now


Yea idk the event still has 4 days but the free rubies are gone


I bought shovels to use to buy the 20k rubies a day …now that option is gone…WTF!

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Yup I’m assuming it’s a mess up, but who knows

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@TayTron compensation? :woozy_face:

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We have been scoplayed


The section itself isn’t missing, but it’s somehow become renamed “diamond token” and the daily rubies are gone. We’re supposed to get rubies until the 18th so I hope they fix this.

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It’s just stupid it feels purposeful

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Agreed. Definitely feels that way.

If these ppl would Beta test things longer or maybe learn to code we might not have all these issues popping up when new events start.
Things like this happen when your only concern is how much money can be sucked out of the players and not about putting out a fun & enjoyable game that Works :man_shrugging:

I bought shovels to buy rubies…they took away the rubies that u can purchase with the shovels…with over 4 days left on the event. That’s a scam…put the rubies back for sale at least…geezus…

nah, ea is all about money and their products usually work well
scopely is just yanking our knobs at this point

I posted a witty message about Wayland helping me stop trader. Then I went back into the game to figure out wtf I’m doing with mods and the treasure shop is back

Our prayers have been answered.

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Nice job all bringing it to their attention…maybe the thread helped get it back. :wink::+1:

Good I hope it did help :+1:

This happens on repeat. Either you get two diamond token tabs, or two treasure tabs… but the first is always the diamond token exchange and the latet is always the rubies/emeralds exchange

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