Traumatic help!

Somebody now, wtf is this, and how can i apply this with thw new character angel?? I viewed a lot of videos and it is not clear to me, i should select james… XD

Truama is confusing but if someone has bleed they will get maim damage i think

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I want to die, it so confuse… Facepalm :slight_smile:

Trauma basically causes damage whenever a toon is cured of something

So trauma works like this

Eric has no trauma

Angel ar gives his trauma

Eric: Imma unstun yall
Trauma: Lets hope I dont kill you.

Eric: Shit Im dead

So if anyone is on trauma and gets cured of a certain negative effect. BOOM 3k damage or whatever trauma done to em. Best thing is to use stun guns so if someone got unstun they get punished with 3k trauma damage.


Unless you stun the cleanser/healer. Best thing is all status effects other than stun/impair. So you want to put bleed/burn mods on angel.

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Ight. thanks. In most matches I usually kill or crosshairs the medics since medics are annoying. Especially 3 medics 2 decaps or a medic team (Fighting a team full of revives gets annoying if you dont have decap or stun)

Can cleanse trigger trauma dmg?

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yes i think

So ideally she would be great paired up with mr jones or anyone else with infection

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Bleed, burn, maim, taunt, confuse…even impair are all great to use and angels’ trauma will deal 3000 damage for each that’s recovered(cleansed, removed…all means the same). Makes Zachary full cleanse pretty suicidal!

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But i read the trauma only works when its the enemy that heals itself, in this case… I have 2 things i never forget, no charge more money in the game because if you charge only one time, scopely want more. And select angel before james… Im going to suicide xDDD

Basically each time something is cleansed off a toon they take X damage where X is the trama amount. So if zackary rushes and cleanses any teammates with trauma they will take the trauma damage for each penalty that was cleansed. So if the trama is 1000 damage and attack down, defense down, and confuse were cleansed the toon or toons would take 3000 truma damage.

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Ahh okey, i understand, but It would also be unlikely that an enemy that has an ability to recover all buff no? Fuck this, i want james xddd

Just kill her, boom no Trauma

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Simply answer is yes zackary specifically states clenses all penalties

@GR.Scopely tell “the team” they should finally put up the gloves & shirt offer again. Thanks!

Ohh okey, so angel basically is created for countering this type o character no?

Yes and characters that have a T1 active or give large amounts of unnatural AP