Trauma not working on infection

Trauma isn’t working with Willies active against infection

I came to this thread to point out that healing up an infection isn’t “removing” the effect as the trauma trigger (only skills that “clear/remove status x” or “remove all penalties” can trigger that), but see the description is different…

So, for my 100% understanding - the enemy is suffering from trauma and infection, but when Willie uses his active the effects get cleared with no damage applied?

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I infect toon. Then I use Willies active to give trauma. Then i used his active to remove all penalties and no trauma damage

Cleared eith no damage applied

Indeed a bug. Can you recreate it, best capturing it on video showing that both trauma and infection are on the toon (i.e. making sure that the trauma wasn’t removed before with cleanse)?

Then tag @LadyGeek, she can bring that up with Scopely - as they usually don’t pick that up from the forums themselves and definitely not without any evidence.

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