Trash server or what?

Every min I keep getting you have been disconnected from chat failed to send the text you have been disconnected over and over. On phone with 4g full bars and pc with cable.

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With each update things keep getting worse as we watch the sunset

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Happening alot w me too. As soon I send msg, chat gets disconnected and when it reconnect, my msg is lost.

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Yep same

Try clearing app data, that usually solves most connection issues.

dint work but keep bumping this as auto lock is bs on bug posts

Auto lock hasn’t been working very well recently :thinking:

Support were no help. Blamed my WiFi connection. It does seem to have improved recently though.

When you type out max chapters and disconnected… lol wooo

That my friends is the power of ChatBot 9000. When it deems what you said to be unsavory it will disconnect you for a moment and delete your message.

So then the question is what specific words does it find to be unsavory. The answer is simple. All of them.

Chatbot 9000 keeping RTS silent since Feb 2019. :zipper_mouth_face:

Chatbot updated to level 2000000

in this new update

Blocks numbers block dual me fights

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