Trash roadmaps or its bugged?

Are these roadmaps really give 1 basic token as reward? Or it give some valuable drops? I wont try it as it is absolutely trash

I think the final stages are supposed to be farmable for some collectable drops, exchangeable for trainers in black market - based on the blog teaser

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Last stage drops flowers. Not worth it though. You’ll spend a whole world can for one burt


We’re supposed to get 5 world cans. Might actually run the Iris (Basil) map with a (double) Pam lead just for kicks, hoping that the RNG drop is at least the 30 flowers needed…

Good luck!

You’re pretty optimistic … :joy:

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Read my tagline :wink:


Frenzy Roadmaps are only dropping 5 or so flowers on the last stages.

Looks like another Turd Sandwich served up by Scopley


Thanks for deflating my optimism… :smiley:

Will keep the cans for a rainy day then!

Maybe I’m just in the shitty bucket for this event.

I came here to ask the same question lol. Doesn’t seem worth it

I got a 60 drop on the basil map

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Much energy for thrash…


80 energy for 3 daisy

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Got 3 flowers to 9
Drops are poop. Might just keep 5 refills


1st map done, 3 extra stages for enough :rose: for 1 Burt. Total waste of enrg to do these maps.

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Now i am glad i came here before running the roadmap😅


It’s all old news, same crap recycled over and over.
Everything scopely has done is designed to force you to burn resources…
All these over lapping events and huge energy roadmaps, rng bags that always have the FU option in them and now the new xp toons with a max cap.
Yet terries, fa, world map, player lvl, wheels have not been touched in a long time…
And why the hell do we need 3 different ways to get into the shop… view offers, shop and supply depot tabs?

You’re right, we need a 4th and 5th option - a building in the town and a pop up every 5 minutes to bring you to the shop just in case you didn’t know how to get there…

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