Trapaças na guerra


Estão pegando as torres e não colocando defesa. Aí quando acaba o tempo de proteção, fica livre pros zumbis e capturam de novo sem gastar energia. Corrige isso aí, como que fica com a torre se não tem defesa nela?


Translation from Brazillian Portuguese: They are taking the towers and are not placing any defenses. And then when the Protection Time ends, the zombies are free to take over so they can capture again without wasting energy. Correct this, how can they have the Strongholds without a defense team on them?

Agreed, a nasty tactic there. Didn’t you guys think it through while “Making Changes on war”?


It’s the same thing as capturing it, putting a team in, then removing their team. (Since if you captured it, putting in a team costs 0 energy).

It isn’t like there isn’t any downsides to it. If you put a good defense team in towers, the enemy can’t take it easily. They might waste a few energy trying to take down that one defense team in there.


Well it’s good and bad. U get to recapture, chance for cans, but u are also missing out on extra pts for being in a tower. You also guarantee its doesn’t go straight to defender.

Sometimes I stack a new tower when im last defense in so I cause it to go neutral.


Ssshhhhh don’t let the farming tactic get out there :slight_smile:




Lol @ that alumafoil cap : D