Transparency and Communication

So a week on from Andreagate and again communication and transparency have been lacking from within the company.

This was magnified personally seeing an image on VK showing we need 84 comics to max Andrea - A question which has been asked of @JB.Scopely several times by several members of the community.

Whilst Scopely can and do “manage” the community in there own “special” way I can’t help but think a lot of the community bugbares and complaints would be lessened with some actual communication.

Moving forwards maybe keeping the community better informed would make things be less toxic?


E2A - Before michonnegate I felt things had moved in a better direction, since then absolute radio silence regarding issues, mechanics or anything really that required further insight

The mere fact that upgrading Andrea is a pay to RNG that could literally cost £25-£150 extra has made my mind up already for me


It seems the IUGI guys have mostly been prevented from posting on the forums due to giving us actual reasons why stuff happens.

One of them was responsible for telling everyone about the Michonne issue & since then we’ve completely lost @CombatMan @Agrajag & @CombatDevIl. The forum is all the poorer for it too.

Feel sorry for @JB.Scopely though, clearly gives us information with the best of intentions but I honestly believe he’s given incorrect details by his colleagues on a regular basis which makes him look a fool, he hasn’t told us how many comics it will take to max Andrea because genuinely doesn’t know.


105 dollars for the skin 4 months of membership you be better saving for 40 pull on shields probably have better luck

Oh I agree, I understand fully @JB.Scopely is just the mouthpiece to the community, there seems to be an endemic problem with communication throughout the whole company.

I’m still waiting patiently for Albert to follow up with us… :joy::rofl:

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That fact that you feel you have to write in code on the forum says it all really. I feel I can’t write honestly or put myself across without being attacked by forum bots or management.

If they can’t communicate or don’t want are insight into the game why have a forum?

Always feels like it’s a big secret or they haven’t a clue them self’s.
Like ohhh guys “Big things happening soon can’t say too much” or “so excited about new features” and then the event drops doesn’t tell us anything else silence then everyone and there granny starts tagging the gm in there posts with questions.
Biggest problem is to many players are used to it now and let scopley of with it.


the example described in the OP is so good. This hits the core of our Love-Hate relationship with Scopely. This also explains why we have lost so many people a long the way (which is like living in the world of TWD :slight_smile: )
If I need hackers, to provide us important game information - something is wrong.
If Scopely is wondering why revenues are declining (I don’t know for sure, it is a hypothesis) THIS is the only topic where they could significant improve and probably increase ■■■■■■■■ (8 letter word - give away money :kissing_heart:).
It is NOT hidden in the big data of our ■■■■■■■■ (same as above) behavior.
JB’style has improved the overall player-company communication, compared to before. But one can see there is a glass wall that is impossible to pass.
Examples, I like to add:

  • There are still loot boxes and chances listed in wheels, that are ‘bundled’ or ‘aggregated’ - Why the fear of posting the details? Even published low chances have not prevented people from pulling.
  • Why so stingy with ‘compensation’ - I hate players crying for compensation, at every little bump of the road. But free stuff to players has always increased chances RAISING ■■■■■■■■ there after.
  • Peas and carrot farming - Why not publish ahead of time a minimal release plan on how to collect the items? With minimal I mean post how often the harvest 2 roadmap will be published and the minimal amount of bags that are available in the store.
    Please keep on improving…


To be fair, we expected the CM to deliver on those things but so far he has been nothing but a slight upgrade on the helpdesk. Oh, and a couple of select patch notes and those amazing premier recruit spotlights. Things an intern could do.

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i love You man :beers:

Given they sent her out with the wrong gear requirements I don’t think anyone at Scopely has any idea how many comics it takes either.
No one over there ever has any idea what they’re doing.

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Exactly. I was “prevented” to write in the forum during weekend , and i think i’ll preventing my self to complain in this forum in the future , because it’s really said to receive this treatment just because You don’t agree to be “prevented” in the ass silently… If You want only happy users in the forum , do Your job (first) and act thinking that Users pay Your budget and Your salary.


I hate that word transparency…seems so offensively aggressive for no good reason.

Just my opinion.
Oh well…carry on

I don’t think JB is as innocent as you guys are making him out to be… just saying


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