Translations, How are they made?

Hey guys, I have noticed some translations in game for portuguese are really bad. There is a way I can help you to fix them? For example, alert defense 4 weapon says in portuguese it gives a better chance to stun enemy, but doesn’t say It gives focus.
I wanna help fix some translations

Then you should send your CV to Skopelie’s HQ directly when they have job openings … As you may have noticed, they do not read forum’s postings or answer questions.

There are translation errors in almost every language; German, Chinese, Korean, Russian, French and etc.

If you think translation to Portuguese are bad , check the French one .
It’s completely ridiculous . A 4th grad student can do a better job

Oh sad to know this
We discovered Focus on alert weapon 2 months later lol

I try not to read English or German authors translated into my language since little nuances and most jokes or double meanings are virtually impossible to translate.

Playing a translated game (that rarely aspires to the form of higher art) is also a lackluster experience. It’s enough that the authors make misleading descriptions or typos, I don’t need them multiplied by the translator…

Also - every game introduces its own lingo - and if there is more than one translator (especially over the longer lifespan of a game), they are almost 100% sure to mix some of the terms up

They at least should let we change language

I would believe that is possible by uninstalling the game (after being linked to FB) and installing the other language version? Then get your account by switching with facebook…

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