Transfers vs Faction assault update

@GR.Scopely Can you tell me when transfers will happening?

I want to know from now if i start doing Faction assault or i lose them all because i will move… The promised update for faction assault it seems will never come. I ask because we can’t wait more, if we remain in this region some might quit the game (Some that scopely really care $$). Please tell me when transfers will happen or FA update because at this point we better use the tickets we have now rather than losing 3+ mil points for nothing

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If u transfer Ur faction u will keep the tickets. And I don’t think transfers are open till feb

Transfers wont be till after 1st of year when woc is over plus it seems the fa event has been pushed till then as well

So when woc will finish @Project .
Yea… but it can’t transfer the whole faction, i will lose my FA tickets @Nofx

Damn thats alot of tickets! Nice!

They’re working to update fa

Not working very hard on it.

we have around 4.5 m, who has the most!

I have transferred my faction 3 times and kept the tickets

you transferred your hole faction 3 times? that is a lot of gold

Transferring the faction doesnt move every member…its up to them to follow or not

@Frentzy As it stands no further region transfer will take place until 2020.

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