Transfers question

When do they start…

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Monday 9/9 at 5:00 pm PDT and concluding on Wednesday 9/11 at 5:00 pm for waves 2 and 3

When do they start



Hello everyone,

This item has already been communicated and no further region transfer will take place until 2020.


Can we all least get a date rather than just sometime in 2020. Give the players waiting around some better communication.


Yeah, “2020” could mean December 31st 2020. I’m itching to escape the graveyard of a region I’m in now and rejoin some old buddies. I’m sure others are bored and desperate for a change of scenery too.

Translation - No fucken idea.


Highly doubt it will happen before the end of woc, so atleast another month

You do realize 2020 is mere days away right? That’s about as helpful an answer as just admitting you don’t know.

If it won’t happen until after WoC then simply say that. That’s would be an actual answer, giving a year is pretty poor communication.

It’s well into 2020 any transfer news???

On the last update that I had from the team is that the region transfer may happen after WoC II and we will have more to communicate about them at that point.


Least it’s an answer. Sadly just not good enough as always

I thought you said you were going to share details last week or this week about transfers. WOC is right around the corner and many players and factions are itching to finalize plans and book their tickets.