Transfers or some bug?

I don’t understand what just happened. My faction loses three people to “transfers” seems victory is down 10 people just disappeared? Anyone help is Scopely cleaning house? Or a random bug is this happening in any other regions?

Maybe ban hammer?

Edit: saw they transferred :astonished::thinking:

They’ve been banned.

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Thanos has paid a visit to VKtory


Lmao!! Wouldn’t surprise me.

Those regions aren’t 1a regions. Not possible to transfer to. Never heard of appling but Calhoun is wave 3. 1a has never been able to transfer there

Even if they were 1a transfers are not possible now. It wasn’t a ban hammer, probably they were hacked

That is why I asked some sort of bug people in victory had three members transfer rest disappeared.

Victory down to 19. That’s not just some coincidence and hard elite down to 1. Known cheaters


We all know you cant transfer right now so it is a ban.

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Still a few left from Darkside?

Looks like some were banned and some got forced to transfer

Lmao finally scopes :clap::clap:

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Naughty boys sent to timeout.

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But how did 3 transfer and 8 disappear? If it was Scopely ban hammer all would disappear. If they were hacked, why transfer 3 and delete 8?

Maybe scopely banned 8 and sent the three clean ones to timeout

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It’s Scopely. They probably messed up the banning.

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Well when you delete your line account right after you disappear… guilty

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Lol that would explain a few unknowns :joy::joy::joy:

slaps on the wrist we see you still spend lots here have a warning.