Transfers need to REOPEN ASAP

Agreed, first hour I logged in we faced first place, third place, first place, then third place yet again, in that order that point I realised we were just being fed to the whales by scopely, just logged out went shopping, and I’m guessing a lot of factions feel the same being forced to stay in a wave that they can’t compete in,
there were plenty of factions with had scoring members, but a huge amount had low scores all across the board, that tells me people were giving up en-mass.
All waves need to be opened up again so people can more freely and find a place were they can enjoy the game to their liking

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Top factions are probably responsible for most of the dead regions and people retiring.
They move in everyone moves out or “retires” and the only reason isn’t that they spend, but the disgusting bullying scumbag attitude that they bring with the that makes people leave. Truly are a lot of horrendous individuals in a lot of the top facs in this game.


Thing is if all waves are open I’m sure some big facs will go down to the lower regions so they dont have to spend as much thats why they stopped people from moving regions freely in the first place or at least from what I remember

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There will always be exceptions.
The top 10 for the first solo level up in my new region was double than that in a lot of the 1A regions i saw.
Raids are absolutely ridiculous too. Seen 50k broken once and 30k another couple times.

Wars are more fun as well. Instead of 1-2 top factions walking away with it, you’ve got 4-5 factions fighting for top spots and the possibility of the 16th rank giving losses to 1st place. Unimaginable in 1A


My buddy moved from a Wave 3 region to a top faction in Wave 1 in March, he is brave I will never forget whats his face :yum:


We did moved to a region with many competitive factions. They didn’t like it and left. What to do, start over?

Careful what you ask for or careful what you wish for…

People continue to not be able to full their spots. SE is lucky we at 29/30

Other factions keep not getting people they will soon be in 1B so they can 6v6.

Damned if you do.
Damned if you don’t.

I think in order to avoid that 1B might wanna see 1A be able to pick people up.
Or you’ll be playing with 1A in 1B. :blush:

Wouldn’t the simple solution for 1b to be outbound only and 1a regions to be open amongst each other.


Sure has. Some tight races for 1st.


And further trap 1B people in the region they’re in unless they move to 1A? No thanks.

But if they’re going to prevent us from moving down a wave then each tier should work the same. 1A should not be able to move down a tier to 1B.

Would be nice if the top whales couldn’t threaten to move in and ruin our regions.

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Then I’ll move to 1a. Anything to stay away from whaley whales

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That’s kinda silly and not well thought out. If 1 whale faction moves to 1B, people run back to 1A where the other whales are? Lose lose lol.

Ill move 1b region. Sorted.

I get what the argument is but a bunch of the usual suspects on this post will end up in 1A for WoC if you don’t play in 1A you shouldn’t be allowed to compete in 1A tourneys.


That’s the thing some big facs move to 1b to think they wont have the competition so they can run over other facs to get the better rewards then towards woc or whatever they move back up

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Lol it’s always like that. If you better than me got to be a whale.

I saw some faction event scores in 1b… no offense but i felt like 1A was better for chilling lmao…


we don’t need to reopen Trasfers. WE JUST NEED TO ELIMINATE TRANSFER WINDOW. so we can move whenever we want. we sill gonna pay for Transfer Keys so it won’t hurt Scopely’s Profit anyways. after this long time of Transfer windows, I don’t really know why do we need that Transfer limitation.

That one is easy to explain, nobody in their right mind is going waste resources for a fight they can’t win that’s 1A ina nutshell


Whys that? Woc is a fun event. So because we don’t wanna deal with the utter bullshit in 1A all the time then we can’t play woc? I guess really then it would be fair for 1b to have its own woc. Which I’d enjoy just as much if not more. So lets push for that instead.