Transfers need to REOPEN ASAP

You are in the position of needing CRW and not AoW. Same happened to us. Hopefully you get CRW before everyone retires out of boredom.

Sorry, but especially all the Top 10 factions avoid competition in everyday play. There is a reason why you’re all spread over the 1a regions: dominating events to refill resources without any effort.

If you want competition, there’s an easy solution: move altogether into one region and compete 24/7. As long as that doesn’t happen it’s only driveling.


Crw would be great

This is true!!! And a fab idea. Instead of attempting to walk all over “mid” and “low” factions…just fight each other all day long.


We wouldn’t face one another in crw then… so what would be the point of that?

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Facing an entire woc region , that’s nightmare fuel

Merge every region into 1a. That will solve all the problems and you can keep transfers open. There is your fix!

Baby regions of course should be able to get there big boy pants before they start in the big leagues.


So people could then cry that they have to face top 10 every match and say matchmaking is broken because they never face each other? :woman_shrugging::rofl:

Sure, that’s the reason why you spread :joy: :joy: :joy:
How many of the “top factions” meet in CRW at a time? 2? 3?

I’m sure we could convince Scopely to open transfers within 1a for free - you could tranfer to individual regions right before CRW to fight each other. Or even open a sort of WoC region for all interested factions. But even then we would see the same behaviour as now - farming weaker factions outside war.

Be honest, nobody wants to prove themselves every day. How many could even afford that in a P2W game? A nice indication is the current top 100 - hardly any of you top players can be found there. Instead, low performers from 1b like me appear in the ranking :joy:


Agreed completely. I’ve said so before when changing matchmaking was brought up just recently.

Thats happened before during Woc2’s longggggg qualifying process, where top factions (1-6) faced one another so much more in a weekend. High degree of burnout, which isn’t what anyone should want for the longevity of this game.

For me this is the true reason why the Top 3 can’t fill their open spots, not the disabled transfers. Transfers were open for about 3 weeks after WoC 3. There were recruiting threads on the forums from at least Scorched and Walkers.

Obviously fewer and fewer players are willing to go through the strains of a WoC. On top of the “daily business” like SR, Raids etc. And right now we are flooded with events. Who has the time and desire to wage intense wars?

I’d really love to see Scopely opening 1a permanently for inbound transfers. But I’m sure this alone won’t solve your problems with open spots. It will only increase the number of retired players who can’t go back to a play they’d probably enjoy more in another wave.


Transfers were only open for 5 days after WoC for 1A. They closed Friday at noon following end of WoC. I’m not a top 3 faction, but it was not really a lot of time for us to fill spots we weren’t expecting to have either from people who decided following WoC to go to 1B for a break with 6v6 wars or quit the game altogether.

Edit: I know inbound could come from wave 2 and 3 still, but you don’t have many players that will make that jump knowing they can never go back so it’s not really true recruitment time imo.


So the recruitment potential is more or less reduced to 1a and 1b. How many active players are there? And how many of them are suitable for a top faction? And how many of them would like at least to give it a try?

Face the fact, the number of players is becoming more and more limited. Open transfers alone won’tt fix it.


Hmmm, i have heard different. And have seen solo tournaments indicating different as well. But I’m not there, and you are, so gonna have to take your word

Listen to more sources :wink:
If you want dayly activity and competition, 1b’s the place to be

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I don’t want that. At all

I hear you but I disagree. Since they’ve implemented waves post ToC, recruiting has become more and more difficult.

Firstly because factions could no longer transfer to their home region in many cases because they were arbitrarily designated wave 2/3. And that was a horrible problem that saw a mass exodus of players.

Secondly, because as Jess said, many players are unsure and unwilling to test moving up in waves, because of fear of too much competition.

I agree 1b can be a lot more competitive than 1a. When mofos were there I thought the same. For an active faction 6v6 is a downside, and milestones are more difficult to come by.

I’m not sure what the solution is, but closing transfers like they have been is just an annoyance, and does make recruitment difficult. Trying to find one reason for the issue though isn’t easy, as there are multiple layers. Poor prizes being a biggie.


:joy: :joy: :joy:
I pray for you SR will never be a qualifier for WoC

Totally agree. Even WoC rewards s…k. I even don’t know where my Steve from WoC 2 sits. Somwhere in my Roster I think.

And I totally agree that there are multiple reasons why recruiting gets harder every week… But I still think transfers is a minor problem.


I do my naturals and always finish legendary but that’s all. Straight spending contest lol

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