Transfers need to REOPEN ASAP

Forget one wave, make everyone in one region

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

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Facts, I find 1A much more relaxing and less populated than 1B by far!

The only reason of transfer lock is to ensure nobody can transfer to lower waves. When wave1 is outbound, the only inbound wave is wave1…

Not saying that this is a good reason, but it is the reason…

Are you sure? I thought 1 couldn’t transfer to 2/3 regardless, I can’t remember tbh but thought they had decent code enough to allow them all to be inbound/outbound and only allow you to transfer up not down.

Even if that’s not the case then maybe some investment should go towards transfer code.

Original transfers were locking inbound/outbound for new regions. When they decided the “wave” strategy, they simply implemented it as locking outbound of high waves when the low inbound was open…

So you can transfer from 3 to 2 or 3 to 1 or within wave 3, because wave 3 is outbound all the time in the transfer window and wave 1 is open for inbound all the time. Then they lock wave3 inbound when they open wave2 outbound, then they lock wave 2 inbound when they open wave 1 outbound…

im hoping everyone leaves my region so i can rant and rave in gc by myself


The last one leaving should remember to turn off the lights

We mainly switched to 1b because of the 6v6 wars. It was hard to stay competetive with factions that have way more active players. Often we ended up stuck at 6 or 7 people at the night and lost a lot of points to where we would belong based on our W/L rate.


Best way is to give better rewards for higher waves like some1 say before

That had stoped all higher players that is in low regions for ez rewards and forsed them to move up for the rewards instedd


That’s ole @Parker’s idea. Problem is, that those hogging factions would find out they suck at real competition for good prizes, so they would double back to their old regions to hog the lower prizes at the top ranks again


Well you have 3 tiers to try and expand it out a bit. Don’t start me off YSpammer lol

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Living dead

Have they said when transfers are next open?

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Wars are slower because people are leaving. And why are they leaving? Well you ultra factions like vv and scorched madhouse and such know exactly why nobody want to play against you guys. What fun is fighting what could be potentially a million dollar faction. No thanks ill enjoy 1b and getting stomped just one war once in a while.

If they lumped everyone together and I had to settle for prizes for top ten even in faction events I would retire instantly. Even the difference between first and second is already about 50 to 60 percent


1b and 1a really do need to stay seperate. Some people move to avoid the drama that comes with 1a. I’d absolutely hate to have to play there again.

1b is much more competitive than i thought it would be.


1a 1b is a whole other debate start with transfers opened and transfer window longer then we can debate other

Agreed here totally.

The attitudes of some people are why nobody wants to play with them. It’s a game and unfortunately the fun aspect gets stripped away when you have some pos from 1000 miles away screaming at you about stacking or dropping. “Well we just wanna win so we stack q”…some people just wanna play…a game. Being considered an RTS legend isnt on my wish list. Nor is spending my entire wage on pixels. Maybe address the reasons people leave 1A before suggesting those who left are forced to play in those circumstances. It won’t be long before there are only a handful of factions left in 1A…maybe ask yourself why you can’t fill your spots…


Can’t agree more. 2 weeks after transfer and we are 4 spots short.
Region is dead. Move you said? Well, give us free keys. People are retireing every day due to dead regions and no competitivity.

We loose some ranks as a faction, yet scopely loose real players.


Yes, I would like to see transfers open up again, very soon, my region lost 2 entire factions (60 people). War was eh…, need more comp… also the search times for war was ridiculous… only 18 factions warred, the bottom 6 barely had 10 wars total