Transfers need to REOPEN ASAP

That one is easy to explain, nobody in their right mind is going waste resources for a fight they can’t win that’s 1A ina nutshell


Whys that? Woc is a fun event. So because we don’t wanna deal with the utter bullshit in 1A all the time then we can’t play woc? I guess really then it would be fair for 1b to have its own woc. Which I’d enjoy just as much if not more. So lets push for that instead.


Yeah tbf it definitely isnt the resource gathering expedition I was hoping for but I do prefer it.

yeah maybe that explains well… lol. but on the other hand, if you want to “fight”. that doesn’t mean chill. so still, i think 1a is better place if you want to chill.

You wouldn’t need CRW if you were all in the same region. There’s a thing called AOW :wink:

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Aww i miss aow! At least for blitz. Rip


And merging 1a and 1b is the worst idea I have heard since a long time. Lots of people got stuck in 1a or 1b when the artificial waves were introduced but at least you have the choice left to NOT be in 1a.

I think the suggestion of opening 1a permanently in and outbound transfers is a great idea. Keep it open always for those that want to test their skills.

But don’t ruin it for the rest of us - thank you. It was ruined enough when we got stuck in wave 1. And if anyone is wondering - I play for my amusement and my factions. So I can find the game entertaining - not so others can. I’m not here to serve as a punching ball - you can keep that in 1a.

With regard to WoC - since when has this been classified as an event only some are allowed to be in? They use 1a as qualifier region to get the scores in the most equal manner but it’s not a 1a event. As far as I’m aware it’s an event for players of TWDRTS.


Agree 100% nef. Its not and it shouldn’t. Although this isnt the first time its been brought up. Before Woc3 people were saying the same.

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whale factions are cancer to regions


Thing that I hate is that I started in a wave 2 region before they were waves then I moved to a different region then they started with the wave garbage and then I was stuck in wave 1a

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Transfers absolutely need to stay open… we just need someone to post this in discord so the admins will actually see it :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:. F’in official forums my ass lol


Etc etc.

waves his wave 3 flag

Okay so hear me out.

I think what should be done is this. They include wars in this league stuff. All factions that finish 1st in their crw group get bunched together in the next crw grouping, same as all those that finish second, third, etc. Itll balance out the groupings & stop every group having one massive power faction that cant be touched.

At the end of the season the top 5 factions or whatever, from each region get moved up a wave, the bottom 5 or whatever get moved down, if they’re already wave 3 they just get laughed at mercilessly.

As an incentive, wave 2 needs better prizes than wave 3,wave 1 needs better prizes than wave 2. This stops factions throwing wars to get demoted for easier waves because theyll Miss out on rewards.

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Wave 3 should get 100% of rewards.
Wave 2 should get 125% of rewards.
Wave 1B should get 150% of rewards.
Wave 1A should get 200% of rewards.

Something tiered off that makes it leveled.

I’m all for 1B or 2, 3 or whoever having their own tourneys…but let’s be reasonable for how they are structured.


We need some sort of incentive for some of these non English speaking spender facs that pretty much ignore all territory and region rules that are camped out in dead wave 2 regions to leave. Some of yall complain about WOC facs ruining wave 1 regions, but this is something hardly touched on.


Not entire 1a.

One specific region. Ideally a new one, name it as you like. Duckburg, Moustown, Sin City, Poser City…

As a bonus this region gets AOW.

Then everyone can prove he/she is looking for the competition. Everything else is again just drivel about competition, but de facto only farming weaker players.

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A massive problem that’s already been touched on is that every big faction has a whole region it can sit in, unchallenged, using minimal resources, taking all the prizes as it waits for the next war.

It seems that maybe at the height of the game there was a need for lots & lots of regions, but as time goes by, maybe more players are leaving than joining & as a result theres a ridiculous amount of regions without enough players to make them competitive.

New regions are exciting as everybody scrambles for the top, factions rise & fall until eventually something gives & a faction starts to dominate. After that point, when theres a dominant faction, the excitement has worn off it starts to get stale.


There would need to be a greatly improved prize structure if you want more competition. Why would anyone want to waste resources lumping together with other competitive factions for the crap rewards available right now? That’s the real reason why factions sit in regions “unchallenged”.


Yea thats a topic that is rarely talked about, definitely one of the downsides.

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Why can’t we leave wave one?