Transfers need to REOPEN ASAP

Not just for general recruiting purposes but the game right now isn’t in a state if closing transfers off so quickly.

We need a 14-21 day window for transfers to stay open and let all factions of all levels move, etc.

Some of your higher end factions are short 2-3-4-5 people at the moment meaning they pulled those people from somewhere to where some middle end factions are short 8-9-10 people.

Then there needs to be a long hard look at is 1A and 1B worth keeping split up now? Because wars are way slower then they use to be.

Food for thought but transfers need to open back up soon. For all waves.


Agree they need to be open longer

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1B is worth keeping separate. Players are in 1B for a reason


Agree to disagree. You can be in 1B to chill same as you can chill in 1A. Just isn’t gonna be easy 1st place rewards.

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Squeeze everybody back into one big pool. That’s the way it should be!


There’s a difference between chilling and getting something and chilling and getting nothing :wink:




Get rid of the waves. Go back like it was in the beginning. I remember always get matched up against Daughtery region or however it’s called a mini epic battles with FKR and the lakes. Rewards went much deeper back then as well it felt like so more people got good stuff. Let’s go back to the old system!

Forgive my speech to text



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1B is not a place to chill. It’s more competitive than 1A. By far.


I’ve always been one to open it up and let people move where they want, but recent league experience tells me there are to many people willing to spend thousands of coins just to be at the top and earn 1200 coins back, it’s not for me only from a view that how can anyone enjoy the game when your getting nothing even if you try really really hard🤷🏼‍♂️ Ps you’ve got no chance Whales wouldn’t have to spend half as much as they do now


If they mix 1A and 1B again then people in 1B should have the ability to move to another wave. It’s bad enough being trapped in wave 1, we chose 1B regions for a reason.

It’s not about having easy 1st place rewards it’s having a chance at those rewards.


1a just needs to have better rewards; Double or triple the amounts of any other wave. And not just quantity but quality. Bring back exclusive war toons for 1st-3rd place Instead of war tokens for a pathetic war wheel. This would definitely lure me to transferring from 1b to 1a


Totally agree, I know you Moby’s definitely earn them up there👍

Never mind, that was the one I couldn’t think of. We had some good matches back in the day. Even though FKR white flag this a couple times still enjoyed them LOL

Edit: white flagged us*

200 years ago if a challenge was made, the challenger didn’t get to decide the weapons - the person who was challenged got to decide between swords or pistols.
Going by this code of honour, since you are 1a and deciding that 1a and 1b should be put together, us in 1b have decided that the duel will be fought with 6vs6 not 8vs8. Knowing this, do you still want to throw the glove down?


My best guess: transfers are closed until after battle pass ends.

I wonder, are factions no longer worried about being crippled by 6v6 wars? That was a big thing a year and a half ago, now they’re choosing 6v6 regions. Or maybe no one has noticed that they’re losing out on league points by having fewer war battles because it’s not ultra-competitive for the whales to promote yet. Or perhaps, war is no longer the most important part of league points for individual players, it’s all about arenas now.


If they mix 1b and 1a, then they need to make players be able to go a lower wave. Transfers really need to be opened forever, it’s sad seeing only 100 factions in war with half of them not even having 10 wars


Transfers need to REOPEN and STAY open FOREVER, why not let people transfer whenever they want?

You’re faction locking before war anyways and isn’t that the main reason you locked transfers? I don’t understand why there is a lock at all…


What faction were you in?