Transfers lock!

3-4month lock sucks badly. Scopely can shrink down to 1 month or 2month the most. Somewhere in the middle.


Region locks should be removed again.

They implemented it because they wanted to protect the macro climate of a region and then shortly after they introduced ToC. So that argument sort of went down the drain fast :wink:

Just remove it please :blush:


Lockdown happened 7/5 supposed to be opened in september.

If they want to restrict factions from jumping around just extend the cooldown to 45 days

Free us!!! :joy::joy::joy:

Region lock for ToC was alright but it shouldn’t be implemented more after that :unamused:

They made a thread that transfers from that point forward were going to be limited time. So when/if it opens in September its only going to be for so long & then they lock again.

Transfers should be opened right after TOC is done hopefully

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