Transfers issues


Me and my whole faction transferred today. Several of us have experienced very serious issues that need to be fixed.
Me and a few others have lost all of our raid reputation. Those people also appear as “unknown” on all leaderboards including level up and solo leagues.

Other members have been placed in bronze league despite being in platinum league before transfers.

My transfer took almost 2 hours so something has clearly gone very wrong here. Support has been absolutly useless as per usual. I have lost 2 years worth of raid reputation and this needs to be added back. @JB.Scopely can you please assist.


Good luck! Ive been trying to get this fixed for almost a month now with no fix in sight and i’m no longer getting responses when asking for help :rage:


I just transferred also and went to bronze league. Rep still intact though.


A few of the players in my faction (including myself) transferred yesterday. And we can only find teams with a 1 or 2 star character. We’re only get 4-6 trophies each raid. Done 4 raids, got 18 trophies. Absolutely no chance of getting anywhere this tourney


Swap your main attack with your defense team and then back, supposedly this triggers some reset which ‘fixes’ the problem. Not sure if you have to leave it any length of time, just saw mention of it in other threads.


Thought that was only for team grade for leagues.


That is. Doesn’t work for refreshing the leaderboard when you’ve dropped ranks upon transferring. Support is yet to reply.


I am now only gaining 4 trophies per raid meaning i will need to burn 100 cans in order to hit the top milestone. This is ridiculous Scopely. Useless support as per usual.


Bump. Any help Scopely?? @JB.Scopely


There’s a fix being worked out now. He has posted on the forums on a thread about it




Check out this thread Reputation lost during transfer

Post your info there in reply to JB :slight_smile:


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