Transfers are always closed

What effect it has on game if transfers are open? It’s within’ our choosing to transfer whenever we want bc there’s already rules (1k coins) (10 days cool off) this being said it make no sense to close the transfers, u already made so much restrictions like waves, y make it worse and lock us for 3, 4 months, does rts world has its own covid to be in a lockdown in the game too?


Ones said that the battle pass event is the main reason,transferring will reset your battle pass progress (if I’m not wrong).
And so they closed the transfer.

Ils vont recouvrir les transferts libre comme avant ? Beaucoup se lassent dont moi qui suit coincé en vague 1 je n’ai plus de plaisir

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Imo they should keep them open and u know the risks if u transfer like loosing progress so if u transfer that’s on u


Ppl would exploit the hell out of that…complete a event transfer have it reset and complete it again. Would be detrimental in leagues and certain events also. I completed battle pass with 2 weeks remaining…wouldve been nice to reset and actually be able to use battle points

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They’ve fixed the missions resetting, but I think stashes are still an issue.


That’s not a reason, we can take the responsibility if we transfer while progress, it’s our business not theirs

It’s no biggie, rewards r rly not that gr8 even if that happened

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Transfers still occur. You just need to be moving to the “right” factions and then support will make it happen lol


We shouldn’t be having to wait 3, 4 months just to transfer that’s nuts!!


Condense everything to wave one and leave the transfers open. Get rid of every other ways. I’m down!

Edit: waves


Faction of PC members??

There’s another event going that just started and it will be another one after it ends that means transfers will never open, b4 transfers were open even if there an ongoing event

Transfers have always been limited to certain periods of time. The transfer period before this previous one was 2-3 months ago.

Scopely doesn’t want people to transfer all the time because

a) cheaters who got caught and sent to dead zones are meant to stay there - by allowing them to transfer, they’ll just regroup and take over another region,

b) during the last transfer period, they apparently forgot about a), so that is moot, but

c) you’re supposed to do the research before you transfer out so that you don’t get Terminus’d (like I did at one point), and

d) would you really want overpowered P2P factions coming into your region and destroying it every other week?

Nah…transfers should only be available every few months. If you don’t like it, spend more to get better - or quit the game like many of us did (only to be lured back in, etc).


Those cannot transfer either transfers r open or not

Nah nah nah… U completely mistaken here check ur facts, transfers were always open there wasn’t such problems

You are wrong. There used to be no such thing as transfers. Then they let you transfer anywhere he wanted to and then they closed it down…

So… question is, when is the next transfer event? I have a former player wanting to return home & doesn’t want to waste his stashes in another region.

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With the war event going on… Its not gonna be till after that anyway I’m sure. We’ll find out soon enough

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That and the one that hosted the infamous “who should not be named” factions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: