Transferring Regions


What are some active regions that you guys would suggest.


Wilkinson is active as hell and real competitive


If you are looking for activity, definitely get regions to provide you sceenshots of this weekend’s wars before making any decisions. I saw several using the fact they took 1st as a recruiting tool already, but looking at actual scores they were like 10-15 million for the entire region. They took first, but in a grouping of other dead regions.


You can tell which regions have high activity when you switch. Regions are marked as low medium and high activity.


They are huge groupings though. I saw a final crw score of 12 mil and one of 24 mil. Both marked medium on region list.


Check the discord chat. A lot of people are recruiting


heres a region you shouldnt join, bartow! other then that i recommend butts.


Wilkinson has some factions that need people. A faction needs a couple euros.


Come check out Terrell! Active and competitive.


What are you actually looking for?


Hi all. While chnging of area I have lost everything: team, etc…is there any solution to recover or is it definitely lost ?


I thought that was supposed to have been fixed


Did you join the region or did you transfer?


I’m not sure, because it was very late and to be honest, i didn.t Know the difference. But the question now is : is it possible to recover ?


Did you have to flip through the four pages of what will transfer and what will not and Do you still have your key?


Colberts very active


If you just joined the region, then it just means that you accidentally started a new game in the new region. Just go back to your options, regions, look for your original region and press return.

If you really did try to transfer though and you lost everything, you’ll have to contact Scopely support here: Nobody answering support tickets

If you had to flip through a few pages of text when trying to change region, that’s how you can tell if you transferred. If there was no text, you just accidentally joined.


Thank you !!! You’ve saved my Life ! i have recover everything !!!


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Hi! Butts Region is about 2.5 years old, and those of us who are here have decided we are staying. We have had several factions/single players transfer in already, but we still hope to have more new faces to add to the competition of the region. We have a line group where you can join and ask any specific questions here: Butts Transfer Talks