Transferring regions and the host of problems that come with it


After spending a shit load of actual money the last month it dawned on me that all i had to do was change region rather than spend money

whilst this is no fault of some players who are actively pushing in the game and moving from a dead region to a better one for activity there are some players who exploit this for what it is

roadmaps reset once you change region, milestones. and for many players who remain in an active region has the same amount of candles/cakes … the same amount of benedicts of raids/ level ups etc

yet visibly on leaderboards and the like many players are well over there way on getting better tokens/6* garrett etc

as ive said, many players needed to move and this is no fault of theirs, we cant control what specifics are in your game but once theres an exploit shown in the game, exploiters will exploit.

in terms of keeping with fairness i believe the devs should take account of players not moving regions … and at least credit them with the same offers of 350 3rd year anniversary tokens and missing candles etc

just seems it will cause more problems for players who stick with regions theyve played in etc


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