Transferred an alt account to same region lost main account please help me scopley support


Please help transferred alt account to same region lost main account . Main account is registered social media please can admin help me


Rip ya know there is like a ton of warnings right?


Dude… like i feel bad for u, but there is like 6 warning pages and it’s in bright red at the top of each page. There are double digit threads about this exact topic


Reading elsewhere that people got there account back in 36 hours . Or is that just a myth


Jb said they will revert your account one time after that you’re s.o.l. send a email to with your account code and let them know what happened


I never even meant to go to the region meant to return and transferred some how like a complete donut!


I have done that thanks a lot


your alt account is now your main account. there are several prompts telling you that youre about to overwrite the file on that region. all you can do now is plead your case to cs and hope for the best.


I mean I would never do this because I read all the warning but this is legit like my worst nightmare I feel bad for u hope u get ur account back but next time just read the warnings lol


Ye totally my fault I really don’t know how I did it I’m upset with myself ! And thanks bro


Any idea how long it take for account be transferred back to normal


@JB.Scopely can you help


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