Transfering one phone with another


Cant transfer my account #1 to my phone #2 and account #2 to my phone #1 I can delete the entire phone it still loads in the old game, anyone know a fix?


Think the easiest way is to link with facebook,

I’m sure others can confirm but othewise scopes needs to do it manaully, and that isnt a 5min job.


They’re both linked with facebook, I delete everything but it still doesnt load in a new game so I can link my other account, it keeps loading the old one even with the whole game deleted and reisntalled


You used to need a third device because you can only “pull” an account not “push” it off a device
1 -> 3
2 -> 1
3 -> 2
Not sure if the unlink feature works yet?


Theres an option to choose the facebook account when you change devices, i regularly move from phone to bluestacks

It maybe that you need a 3rd device/bluestacks etc to ‘pull’ an account like HimnNewHere says?


Nice, thanks for the suggestions I’ll try it when I get home :smiley:


Message support from both accounts asking for the switch, its easy for them to do. When i gave my tablet to my cousin they changed our accounts in no time


I did it with the help of blustacks, cheers


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