Transfer window with 2 active stashes

Its supposed that the transfer window starts soon, and theres 2 active stashes, I hope you give time enough in the window to finish the stashes b4 migrating.

PS: Good planning.

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If they want to come out and say locking regions was just for TOC, sorry not sorry, we won’t be locking again, then I’d wish them a gg and we’d all get on our merry way

They will say due to overwhelming response we will allow transfers for a while.

Ps- it makes them money

Starting at the most inconvenient time and ending right before you get the chance to transfer

I doubt it we all know it was stopped for this terrible event.

Betting transfers will start and end before stashes do. So if u want to move u lose stashes. It’s the scopely way

That’s just an assumption that regions will be opening after TOC. They definately never wrote that they would.

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They sayed transfers are locked for 8weeks and that ends straight after toc ends

At this point what would transfers actually offer tbh. My region is literally is cool because their Germans can’t understand shit they say but raiding their teams are tough so raid events are free time for me.

Approximately 8 weeks from July 5th, subject to change

Transfer lock started on July 5th supposed to be for 8 weeks which is Aug 30th at the earliest. It’s been stated that the region lock and toc were related

Haha I just found that post and was about to send it. Again, subject to change.

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One of their famous lines, along with Soon™

Tbh honest tho I don’t mind either of those stashes resetting. Unless you can complete the anniversary one getting access to previous rewards is okay and the monthly one rather get a crack at the gear and cans again then go for a lilith

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