Transfer region? What should I be aware of?


If someone want to move region, what should they be aware of ?

And do you ever experienced that a region move went wrong ?


I just do not hope to loose my toons/ league tokens etc


Do u have a single receipt from AppStore or GooglePlay, have you linked your game to the FB? Before transferring read the description CAREFULLY then transfer, I think you’ll be alright


Yes I have receipts from AppStore,

I can’t remember if I linked the game to fb, I guess I have…



You need to link to FB in case you lose your account or if you want to access your game from another device.


Is there any minimum lvl before I can transfer ?

  1. you can’t transfer from that region again in 10 days
  2. we know of a few players after transferring who’s game is stuck in a loop for weeks now that keeps restarting and support doesn’t do anything.
  3. moving resets Stash progress and ongoing tournament
  4. new people are dicks
  5. transferring to low/never regions might lower your rep.


Number 4. Lmao


Hahahahah Nice one specially number 4


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