Transfer Question


What’s more of a b*tch move, recruiting factions to your region and leaving once a stronger faction shows up or waiting for “whale” factions to leave a region and swooping in to conquer?


Definitely the 1st example


Both are terrible. First example being worse. Second example is pure :smirk_cat:


Hopefully after League seeding is finished all the top tier Diamond factions can just join the same region and have some fun.


This is what @Final-Boss did they ran him out of Troup now him and his weak group came to Morgan for easy wins


And won’t ever happen dude whales avoid each other to bully the f2p


Wouldn’t that make him final-loss then?


Who hurt you?


Sounds like the whale killed a region


Whales killed the region legacy from Troup, some Nightmare faction, and parbellum so yeah 90 something whales


If his group is weak then why is he winning in Morgan :joy: I don’t think that’s a good example of being weak.


And that’s cause he isn’t fighting people his own size whales are allergic to each other and just bully the f2p


Not all are


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