Transfer problem after woc

I have a problem … I played the woc only that I changed the region and only after I opened the boxes to be able to redeem the special character … in the museum he was gone … I lost practically everything … the internal assistance says that I had to collect the character first (it was not written anywhere) if not here on the forum … it seems absurd …

Sadly it looks like that line implies his museum collection is only available in the WoC region.

They still should do something for you but I don’t hold my breath with Scopely.


they wrote it here … I may not have read (however I am not forced to read the forum) … they had to mention it in a message in the game. Not surprisingly as usual

It’s just common sense to redeem the character straight away. Why would you wait? :thinking:

I wasn’t in a hurry to catch it … wrong looking forward … But the main mistake is not mine

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I agree. All communication should be detailed in game


Of it makes you feel better I war for 3 days non-stop for only250 cards.

@WalkerTexasRanger …solve this for me :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Well I hope support is able to help but you know how it goes. :grimacing:

I had scope mess up a few times when I complained all I got was sorry and is there anything they can help me with. After a while I just gave up. Now I just use that CS line to rant.

All information should be in-game, not on the forum or worse in some obscure line chat.

@Fanta_0 Please reach out to Customer Support and they will be able to provide you assistance


Yay, Tay! Good looking out!

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Why stil here all problems related game things u sent people to support and u know support is not helping only sent u to the woods

It is. You go to news and it tells you exactly the same as the posts on here.

The article I quoted from didn’t show up.