Transfer overwrite


I NEED HELP! I did not know about the transfer overwrite and I did it on total accident. I need help PLEASE with getting my account back. I’ve spent years on this game and thousands of dollars, can someone please help me. I wrote support over 24 hours ago and I haven’t even gotten a reply. Someone please, HELP, ME.


Sorry mate, you may be fucked here. Did you not bother to read the 4 pages of prompts before you transferred?


I did not. I didn’t transfer my main account. I transferred a dummy account into my main region and it screwed me.


Sorry dude but they already said doing this will overwrite the existing account and will be unrecoverable. So jus take this as your chance to leave this game lol


Support is your only hope. Nobody on here can help.


RIP that account mate. Let this be a lesson to please read the prompts before transferring :frowning:


But even a mini will still make you go through 4 pages of prompts regardless?


I thought someone from support was here? I guess i was wrong, but thanks for the help.


This happened to a faction mate also. Luckily the account she moved wasn’t totally useless, but nothing like her main. She has one set of 6* toons she’s able to use, but not really a full team able to make use of a leader skill. Gutting.


This sucks but is your fault, it told you what would happen, every one has been talking about this here on this forum, the discord app, and every line or kik group since the announcement was made official. Rip to your account.


Sorry to hear this friend sounds like your account is gone for good. rip


Why didnt you read before you transferred? your account is gone and its completely your fault. Next time take your time and read thoroughly


Hope you get it back.

Are you from Ware?
Heard someone from there did the same thing.


Apparently it’s happened enough such that Support can fix it, according to JB

“Please reach out to the game support as they can help recover your game profile for you”


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