Transfer locked


A lot of people are stuck in our old region. Anyone experienced the same problem?


I had the same problem df is the problem scopley when you had months to plan Region transfer and can of tested it multiple times in a different server so there is no bugs im sick and tired of all these screw ups


@JB.Scopely can you give us an answer ln what the issue is please


Same problem everyone is locked in. What’s going on


Its listed in support there’s an issue so they locked them temporarily.



Better to have this than further issues. Just give it a bit guys.


I lost my main


I lost half my brain cells transferring how do I get them back @JB.Scopely :cry: lol


not trying to get on you but I think we should only tag JB when it’s a real issue, there are too many threads with people tagging his name, the less we tag for ungame related issues, the faster he gets to answering/addressing relevant issue.


hope its fixed b4 crw, alot of my faction moved already. be a kick in the nuts if not


Give it a couple more hours, and it should be fixed.


Lol this is scopley we’re talking about here


oh come on this aint fair i need to transfer before wars


Your region can’t be that bad, stay a few more days


dude my region conecuh is dead


Faction has more importance than region when it comes to rewards. Is your faction strong?


there is no faction anymore lol


It doesnt matter he looks at all posts and answers to those he wants…


They have to cancel crw this week-end.
It was open for m’y région last night. Half of my friends left. I was waiting for m’y rewards. I m awaking and locked.
No faction compétitive anymore.