Transfer key aaaaaaaaaaasaasaaa

what lvl is you supose to be to get a free transfer key?

Have 1 friend that just started the game but joined wrong region and dident get a transfer key

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If he is in a locked region he will not get a transfer key until it is open. If he is a new player, he likely got placed in a newer region which will be locked for quite a while.

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Okey thanks its the berkley region

He should be able to start a new game in your region if he goes on the region tab. If he’s not spent any money he will just have lost a bit of time.

Unlikely. Brand new players get dumped into a new region, with no key, and no other regions available to join.

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Berkley is still getting AOW instead of CRW so it’s probably not open for ins/outs. So if your friend see no regions listed when they go to the region tab they are mostly likely stuck there. They can try messaging support, repeatedly, telling them they started playing to join you and asking them to grant them access to your region but there is no guarantee that will happen.

Also they won’t be given a key until their region is open for transfers.

Okey thanks all