Transfer issues


Encountered a transfer issue last week and have submitted a support ticket. Seems like this is a similar issue to past transfer issues regarding player rep transferring. My rep count transferred, however it seems as tho the game thinks I’m now back to a new player or level 1 ever since I transferred from one region to another. So instead of raiding teams around my level at 140, I’m only able to raid someone like a level 5 team. Reported last week since I’m only able to receive 3 or 4 raid points in the raid tourney instead of the typical 23 or 24 raid points. With a new raid tourney coming up, im likely going to be dealing with this again. Frustrating since a museum collection is essentially based off of the raid points you earn. Gonna be a long grind.

On a bigger scale, if the next update is gonna open more regions to transfer, scopely needs to know of issues like this especially since it’s happened before. Link to prior forum thread below. @JB.Scopely, appreciate anything you could do to help out here.

Reputation lost during transfer

I feel like there was a bit of a solution or work around to get your opponents back up to your level and gain the proper trophies. You might be able to search for it on the forums. But I think it had something to do with setting you attack as your defense team then switching it back. I don’t know I could be way off base and just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

You’re right. Support suggested changing my def team, didn’t work tho. Believe me, I’ve tried changing everything I could think of with my teams to see if it would fix. No luck unfortunately.

Damn, sorry mate. That’s all I know

Yeah, tried all that with changing defenses. Closing app, reinstalling the app. Nothing has worked. Just got a message from support saying they dont have a fix at this time but theyll get to it as soon as possible. Curious as to how long that fix would really take. Just sucks theres a museum collection based off the raid tournament right now. Bigger concern should be on scopelys end as they’re about to release more regions to allow transfers. Likely gonna see a lot more folks with this issue. Was hoping @JB.Scopely could see this and pass along to the developers. Appreciate all the help and advice guys!

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