Transfer into the new FAIRFIELD region and join us

WHISPERERS will be recruiting actives only

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If the region is new nobody can transfer.

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Yo you gotz to have a key for it

It was newly opened for inbound transfer.

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Youre not gonna buy the key? Thats like asking me to go out for dinner and then saying i have to pay for it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ah alright.

Oh man you guys are in for it. If its newly opened, expect fallout soon. If factions can come in, guaranteed you’ll have factions leaving. Good luck

When it opened 2 or 3 factions moved in and a few solos. I wake up today and there is 2 new factions.

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Yea you advertise “newly opened” region, you’re gonna get a big dog real quick who wants to come in and rule the yard.


You could join us if you’d like?

Can I bring my whole Whaledom?


I’m hungry… can you grab me some McDonalds? @Wanderer

5 spots left

Join the best now


Warning whales are there. (St ;))) )

4 more spots

2 more spots left

3 of the best spots left!!!

C’monnnnnn i will make the next 3 to join co leader

3 open spots for CRW