Transfer Information Please

For the love of god Scopely, could we possibly get some updates on transfers when you’re done poking at your brown eye? Transfers for all waves need to come around again. There’s no need for this ****-blocking. Players need factions and factions need players. That’s all.


I can see the logic in not opening them until after the battle pass is finished because that’s a hell of a lot of mission progress to lose, but I’d at least like a date when we can expect them to be open, so that we can make plans.


That’s true about the battle pass. But yeah, some info or dates would be nice so people can plan ahead.


100% agree, not until battle pass is over

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then you get 2x rewards and key still should unlock all others

Battle Pass seems to be the only stumbling block atm, kinda want to leave my region and pick a random one again see how it goes.:joy:

I figured it would be sometime after after total war ends. Transferring resets the missions, so I can’t imagine they want people double dipping on those rewards. It’s 27 days from now according to the mission timer. :woman_shrugging:

id literally kill one of you to reset my battle pass and the war missions lol

2 of the best ones in a long long time.

I feel dirty saying this but well done scopley


Uh, missions no longer reset when you transfer.

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They actually fixed missions, they don’t reset anymore when you transfer but stashes still does as much as i know but yeah, i also prefer them to open transfers after all these events over

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Confirmed, stashes reset, missions do not reset.


wow thats not like scopley to fix something that can be beneficial to the player at all is it
Hows that war stash box fix coming along

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