Transfer - going back



I went from region A to region B

I heard we have 10 days to make up our mind and get back to A. After that you cant go back

What if i go from region B to region C ?

Can i go back to A then as it is no longer my previous regipn ? Or every region left is lost forever

Anybody tried maybe ?

Thank you


No, you have it wrong. The 10 days is the cooldown before you’re allowed to transfer back again. After 10 days, you’re free to transfer IF the region is open to inbound transfer. If they are not, then you can never go back.


So if region A is open i can go back no matter what ?


I love logic problems… If A is A, and B is A, then all A’s are B.

I know this adds nothing to the conversation and is barely on topic, but the original post reminded me of a logic problem…

Sorry to butt in… carry on!


Yes, if they allow inbound transfers.


You can always transfer back but itll cost you 1k coins.



What does a =?
:joy::joy: I’m bored at lunch.


a is undefined lol


You get one freebie key. Want to transfer again? Even if its back to your OG region. 1000 coins please.

Putting it plainly, katalo said all the specs already.


If the puzzle progresses in relation to the alphabet in the same pattern, one could say A=Z.


If Z is U
And Z is dumb
Then we can say U is dumb !

Right ?


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