Transfer from wave 1 to 2 or 3

Guys do you think scopely will implement this. I hope yes I just hope this happens. then I think I will return most probably. and of course, I have two thoughts on this one is I hope it doesn’t happen and the opposite. I don’t know which one to support.

No. Wave 2 can only transfer within itself or move to wave 1. You cannot move down.


ohh thanks for the info

If enough people push for it, it’s possible in the future it will happen in some way. And a lot are pushing for it. There’s a push to incentivize moves for examples, rather than the current draconian approach.


i think i will create a poll for it see how people will react

or maybe not becz most people are worried about the top factions transferring to lower regions

You may be onto something


yup just like that.

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People stuck in wave 1 want it.

People in waves 2 and 3 don’t. They’re scared stronger players will move in and take over, to avoid competition with other big factions.

I think the only way it will happen is if they provide incentives for being in wave 1, as Molly said, to make people less likely to want to move down.

I wouldn’t mind the wave system if we had been given a choice prior to it being implemented. It was just sprung on us. If they’d even just said “after the next transfers regions are being put into waves depending on activity” it would’ve given people the option to stay put.

At the end of the day most whale factions will have to end up in wave 1 anyway if they want to compete in WOC.


i think atleast letting 1b to transfer is good enough

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It always comes down to money. Eventually scopely will listen to the whales seems like. For example it is funny how The ban hammer came and all the sudden transfers to wave 1 regions suddenly opened two weeks earlier. That was a big message to the rest of us. Scopely will always cater to it’s biggest spenders.

this was right after ban hammer. I love being right :joy::joy::joy:


In order to participate in WOC, you had to be in Wave 1a during trials I believe. They could make it to where you had to be in a Wave 1a some x% of time. This would incentivize some folks to stay. Maybe throw in better rewards for events as well.

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The problem is that this thought that everyone in wave 1 is a whale is as false as the one that says no whales are in waves 2 or 3.

I doubt 100 bans hurt any individual fac more than people quitting since woc 3. You will see begging for transfers to open well before this ban “hammer”.

I do agree that some type of incentive is better than rigid walls based on false premises.


If anyone transfered into wave1, that’s on them, but it’s ridiculous that wave1 natives never had the chance to opt out of the ultra competitive…

Parker’s solution is tiered regions, not sure if that would really work. But I’d agree with a hard rule for WoC - if you transfer out of wave1 (regardless if you participated in WoC or didn not qualify), you’ll be ineligible for next WoC (but eligible for the one after, of course)

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