Transfer account without facebook

Hey moving from android to iPhone but don’t have a Facebook account any more how can i transfer my game progress?


With account code.

So i just key that in somewhere? (thanks for the reply)

No I’m thinking he wants you to send that to support.
If you weren’t going from different devices OS wise you probably would have more of a self-help answer.
I’m more than sure that you need help between Android and Apple from support

You need to contact support. They do it if you provide some account info like, code, main region, etc but MOST IMPORTANTLY they want to see a receipt if your last purchase like a screenie of an email. They don’t do it without that lately.

So sounds like best option is actually to create a Facebook account link then swap… Then delete facebook… What is the sky bound account for?

Don’t loose the Facebook login information. You’ll need it whenever you want to switch devices in the future again.