Transfer 1 toon

How about we can transfer 1 toon from an alt account. No dupes allowed. Im sure it will help(me). Thoughts please.



No won’t happen anyway

lol…yes but im sure many would like that option.

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What do those of us with only one account get?

happy thoughts?

Your thoughts only go so far.
No attitude on my response!!!

I know it wont Jim…i was just asking if people would like it.

You just asked what do you get for playing less than them :clown_face:

i know…just asking. I know it wont happen.

Let’s say 1/3 of your region has alt accounts and they also transfer in 1 toon. How will that make your team any better? Everyone else would obviously be transferring in their best toon as well.

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Everyone’s so grumpy! Chill.

How do you know i don’t spend the same amount of time playing on my one and only account as they do on their multiple accounts? More accounts, doesn’t mean they play more.

Great idea but I want my 1 star stun weapons from those regions :slight_smile:

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And…that was the point…an option. Who cares if others get stronger. I was asking if people would like the option.

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If there is any chance of you enjoying the game i dont want it!

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I would like the option of getting every toon for free. I’m sure everyone would like that option but you don’t see me starting a thread about it.

lol…sorry it didnt meet your standards.

So if Scopely gave us the option to transfer 1 character, these are the possibilities of what would happen:

  1. Someone will transfer the wrong character and then whine about it

  2. Someone will complain about the limit being only 1 character

  3. Someone will complain about it being a way to help whales and F2P have nothing good to transfer

  4. Someone’s character won’t transfer over correctly and then will demand compensation


lol…so true