Transaction error 300,004


Can someone with the same problem tell me please what the fix is for this store error? I can’t purchase anything as the error keeps popping up.

"The transaction did not complete successfully. Error code 300,004.


So I can buy other offers such as the mirabelle/carl deals but when I try the stash I still keep getting error 300,004.

Anybody else with this problem?


Sorry dude, Scopely always happy to take my money.



use the search function. this is an old problem. that still exits.

Comes in 2 flavors:

  1. sometimes these things go away by clearing cashe and/or restarting phone

  2. for me Amazon ‘1-buck’ offers are ALWAYS broken. I can get them for 1.1-bucks at google though…


“It’s an issue of [insert a company other than scope] plz contact their cs”

Funny caus it’s true :confused:


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