Tralhas para lori, quais são

Excuse my English from Google translator, Go Brazil, I would like to know what kind of money you need to improve Lori, I want to save it by the end of the month

If you are talking about getting her max leveled so you can ascend her for free in the museum just do this:

  1. About 5-8 days before you get her start training 2 star citizens. You will need 751 of them. Do not let the timers expire on the training grounds so you can continue to add to them.

  2. Make sure you have all the gear you need. Not sure of the exact requirments but someone else might be able to help. If short buy some in the depot or keep running the last 2 stages of the gear maps on Wed and Thursday.

  3. You will need about 20 million in food. You can get all this from the depot now. Just sell off extra gear like the sneakers and sunglasses.

Good luck. Hope this dosent get lost in translation.

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