Traits we wish existed


I must admit I was inspired by @pregolori when they mentioned

What trait(s) do you wish existed for toons?

Serious, stupid. Real talk.

I’m still thinking through mine. lol


How about a hybrid trait, in which the character has two traits at the same time but gets double damage from the opossing traits.

As for the name, we have four traits. The name can be a combination of both or a creative name, like “Ninja” or “Hero”


Disable weapons one round


I like neutral!

Kind of like “Normal” in Pokemon?


Well being Scottish I am going to have to say the obvious drunk :rofl:


Yes please. Can the ar be “naps”?


Adrenaline Rush (106) “Nap”: Enemies cannot damage this character, but when the character wakes up after taking an oddly timed afternoon nap that lasted way too long, they start to question their life.


How about infected trait? Chance on attack to infect enemy player making them lose health each round or nerfing their stats.


As a zombie fan – this is my favorite!


heads or tails trait flip a coin your character gains eith 100%atk or 100%def depending on outcome obviously numbers can be decreased but would be cool to get some type of chance trait or specialist skill


We have camouflage from walkers. Why not camouflage for X teammates for X turns against humans.


Maybe not make it like “Bleed or Burn” where they lose a certain amount of HP per turn, but instead have them die after say, 5 turns if not cured.


After 2 rounds killable with critical hit.


Aside from dual traits that get the advantage and disadvantage of both colors.

White - no modifications for or against all/any traits
Black - deals +50% damage to all traits, takes +50% damage from all traits
Rainbow - randomly assigned trait advantage/disadvantage every fight


Hellfire attack=Built in dynamic traits …, when burn and excution is in play reward all players 20% attack.

Alpha correction =All females in party add defense/ attack

Survivor remorse= all savior characters gain 23+ crit and 22% defense when less than 25% hit points

Just desserts= When attacking with a superior trait all trait specific advantages are removed.

Sacrificial lamb= one character randomly is chosen if killed first that character gives all teams 20 % defense 2 rounds

Baby blue = all tough characters add 15% defense while alive.

Leapfrog = all fast characters in party boost ad rush by 5% each round .

Reversal of fortune= When attacked two characters traits are changed randomly.

Petty shot= Any damage below 350 is negated to zero unless critcal

Speed shot/aces & 8s =one alert character is rush charged 25% every critical hit

Rally round the family= leader skill ,when 2 of 5 are killed all remaining characters get 27% attack and 12% defense.

Alexandria defense= all Alexandria non leads add 3% defense 3% attack and +9crit

Morgans remorse = when not attacking all characters recieve 12% charge to ad rush

Last chance = when a character is attacked and hp is less than 10% attack goes to 90% two rounds

Angels envy= when all characters have status effects remove all negative effects one round

Triage=sacrifice one character to add 62% defense and 42% attack one round . No rush before 66

Devils cut = Remove one character from play , distribute hitpoints among all remaining characters

Course correction= when all characters have a trait adavatage two get superior attack

Save the queen = when the lowest hp is targeted and killed 50% hp and 35% is given to leader one turn

Ricochet = any potential attacks can be reflected to same team members

True north = leader targeted and killed removes leader attributes

Critical trust= when three characters are killed the last two remaining gain 45+ crit three rounds

Last hope = 33% chance to revive two characters if hit with critical when your the last character standing

Tainted meat/ dales revenge= anyone killing this character will die in two rounds

Rainbow = if no more than two of any trait all get 23% defense

Big dog= all leaders gain 18% attack -2% defense

Red rum = all red gain 5% attack and + 2 to crit while alive

Harden solider = critical hit kills opposition if last one standing


I would like a random trait. For the lolz. You never know what the toon will throw out each rush.


I think it could also be called a generalist. I played Marvel Avengers Alliance for two to three years on facebook and they had a similar colour rock, paper, scissors system, but also had a type called generalist. They didn’t have an advantage against anyone but also not a disadvantage. Loved that game, very similar actually to what TWD-RTS is. really liked the interface of marvel better, but although it was a social game, it lacked factions or guilds.


Like metronome in Pokemon lol


Kamikazee … Kill one of your own toons to kill one of the opposing side.
Relentless … Kill one of your own toons to revive / heal / strengthen one of your own toons.
Infitration … swap a toon with opposing player
Thief … Swap 1 weapon with opposing player
Cry for help … Swap a toon from your team with another from your roster, during combat.
Final shot … 3x the power of the normal attack, but render the weapon useless for the remainder of the fight.
Hide … The toon hides for one round. It does not do damage, all perks are lost, it cannot be hit. (needs max uses)

I can do this all day… but here you go,