Trait Mania scoring is BS

Have run it several times. Top score is over 50K. Best I can pull, with perfect scoring is 39K. Ran it several times.

Why even bother to compete if it’s impossible to place.

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50k is a nice score…Rng was on his side there

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I love how they shuffled the trait advantages around but still left Alert as the dominant trait over Strong. How hard is it to change 4 traits?

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In D5 scores are about 130k

All arena scoring is BS! Not seeing 50k scores in my league, more like 29-30k for top score. Just about every time I enter an arena I get 2-4 opponent options offering some 200-600 points. I must be in a very deep, empty bucket. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He was in a better bucket

I think arenas are great, I have a blast doing them. With that being said the scoring is silly. Everybody should face the same set of enemies so everybody has the same chance to get a maximum score.


I like them also, but I am trained from the game to not expect to win anyhow. I also liked hordes, plus that other one.

I don’t bother to compete. Just enter enough times to get the ring milestones.

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