Trait mania - disable leader skills or let us use mods

Like tittle says. We cant use mods but we have leaders like mercer, jackie etc. Really not cool and not fair. Change this or let us use at least resistance mod

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But you can also use Mercer and Jacki.

No mods is my absolute favorite bit about it.


Skip these teams if you don’t have Axel or Michonne.

Tell this to diamond league where ALL the teams are Mercer or Jacki defenses :rofl::rofl:

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No mods is nice with draft, where lead skill doesn’t come to play. No mods would be OK with lead skill eventually, if you weren’t penalized so harshly for an extra turn victory…

I totally despise the pressure for impossible scores in these arenas, so I don’t bother with anything more than the free entry (which I might end up half-assing most of the time)

But because the majority of defences are Mercer or Jacki leads, everyone is penalised for an extra turn victory. Unless you have Axel of course :wink:

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In theory… in practice, there’s always at least 2 Pete or even Priya teams in the top5. If you’re a whale or a glutton for punishment, you could spend some 40 tickets to get even 4 such defenses with heavy base points and score 2k-3k above anything a stunned sttacker can ever hope for…

And of course, those who spend those tickets in insane quantities have similar spending habits on the premier wheels, so they most likely run such Axel teams…

Competition is fun only if you have a chance at good ranking, with a little bit of luck and a lot of skill, not if you are denied ring positions no matter what you try…

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