Trait Mania - A New Spin?

I personally do not like Trait Mania, I love Arena’s and look forward to it every day, it feels that Trait Mania is a let down, I basically select the same team as I would for Classic, and I end up facing the same teams as I would in Classic - the fact that 3 of the trait advantages are mixed up has little bearing on team choice for attack or for defense.

In sort - its all rather pointless and might as well be classic.

What I had been thinking was what if … What if Trait Mania was a Choice for Attack and Defense, that you could only pick one Colour (Trait), and you had to go for a different colour from your defense team. So for example you could set your defense to blue and have 5 Blue toons on your defense team, then for your attack team you could choose between 5 Red, Green, or Yellow.

You would open your arena see what traits your potential opponents had gone for, then make a decision from there which trait you go for - Of course you will have bad weeks where the top points are for say Red teams, and you have a weak Blue roster or whatever, but it would happen in swings and roundabouts as we would say, and you would get a week where the top 3 teams are all blue, and you have an Amazing yellow roster.

As it is - Trait Mania is Asinine, its a raid, there is no more than raid strategy involved. If it was changed to this, it would test players roster depth, and bring a more in depth strategy element to it.


I love trait mania . You just didn’t get used to a different trait advantages that’s all


Or trait mania really does suck.

Trait mania sucks, it’s boring with the same trait advantage, change em every week at least

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