Training room needed


How about giving us a ‘Training room’.
A place we can build any attack and defence team using any combination of current in game toon, weapon and mod to practice with and against.
We all know Scopely like to make money so you could make it cost gold just keep it reasonable please. I suggest 10 gold per practice round.
Could be an invaluable tool for players to learn more about attacking and defending strategy.


Would be fun. But then are you including mods/weapons/etc.

We have friendly duals so I’m satisfied but this idea would be a cool beta feature, if they solicited player inputs in their designing.


Duels limits us to what we have and what our faction mates have.
Training room would let add or take away any item so you can tell what works and what doesn’t.


I understand. But they’d also prefer you buy before you try. So much works well on paper only to find out it falls way short.


Was a kinda good idea maybe in theory and then you said that.


Better that than the 50 gold default they always go to.


In friendly duels we have a “trait” week. We will focus on building teams to defeat what trait we are focusing in that week. If someone is having issues we pull them aside & try to build a team for them.


The problem with this idea is Scopley don’t want you to figure out how to beat the new toons they want you to buy the new toons so other people can’t beat you and buy those same toons. Why they are so slow to get rid of people that VK their way to the top. You get to see the new toon beat you or time you out to make you want to buy that toon. It’s why every new op toon goes back in sale after a war. Same as blue Michonne people seen her wreak their teams in war and went right after her next promo. It would not be in their best interest to allow something like this that would help everyone but the ones that bought those toons.


I understand it but cot damn…how much more do you want in this game, you want them to spoon feed you everything…lmao.
Are timeout teams fun nah but I don’t want them to make this game any less challenging. Its already easy and boring.

Y’all would really be crying if they brought back ambush and defenses could hit first. :rofl:


I’d just be happy to be able to duel my defense.


Came here to post the same thing, would be ideal to set up a def and try and attack it, with my mods, and my weapons and toons. See what works and what doesn’t.


Giving people the chance to use toons they don’t own?

Nahhhhhh. This will never happen.


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