Training Grund, Game crashed

I got 1,2k two Star in my Training ground. Ready to claim. If i try to claim them to convert them the game freezed. All counters are stopped and the whole game freeze. I tried it 3 times now. Did not work… :sweat_smile:
What can i do??

Are there survivors more than the amount of trainers on the trade in cuz I think they’re limited. 250 Bo,s I think are allowed.I guess what I’m saying is what happens when you do a few at a time instead of a bunch

Yes i thought this were the prob but i have to claim them. Even if i use all my Bo’s they should add 250 and say now it’s max and send the Rest into inbox or what ever :man_shrugging:t4: that’s what they said when Update with New Trainers comes

If you will make sure you post what happens to the situation

What happens? May anyone knows it’s a bug or hava a solution for it. Likely before faction lvl up ends…

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