Training Ground time bugged


I’ve noticed after transferring that my training ground time counter drastically dropped from 1d 12h to about 9h. I checked and noticed that instead of taking 15 mins to cook a single toon, its now only 5 mins.

I switched to my alt account and ran a test and that showed the usual 15 mins time it takes to cook a toon

It looks like this is only affecting my main account.



@JB.Scopely bump bump


Some regions the training ground times are different. It’s not a bug, just that the region you transferred to is set up differently.

There are little differences in all regions, many so small they go unnoticed others stand out more. In some regions you can pull 6* straight out of elite character tokens.


I was told this by a faction mate but found it hard to believe different regions ran differently. Its nothing that’s ever mentioned by scopely or I’d have stayed away from transferring to a region with this difference


Can confim that some regions have different training ground/building speeds. I lost about 3 days of Q transferring for same reason


This is a drag. How can i compete in level ups now if i can hardly keep 1 ground running never mind the 2 i had going with 2d worth in each! JB said in discord ‘reminds me of some minor time discrepancy we observed originally with transfers’ and its WIP. Totally contradicts the the advice u guys have given me.


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