Training Ground + Territories = Bug


Since every post about this gets forgotten and ends under the rug with plushies, purple tokens, leashes, blue keys, decent events aso asf … I hope someone tagged in here will find some time to take it to, you know, The Team™ !!!

May we finally have some consideration and get a fix before early 2021 !!

Here it is : territories speeding up training grounds get training grounds to bug completely.
Whenever a faction mate holds such a terri, I can’t navigate thru my training grounds. There’s the loading symbol in the lower right corner, as if it was a disconnection issue, everything gets slowed down and there’s a huge delay between the moment you click and the moment the click is done, timer gets freezed, then not, then freezed again … Seems like terries are causing this since it all comes back to normal when we lose the terri.

Training grounds that suffer from this slowing glitch are only the ones running trainings. Empty ones are fine.

@anyone ?

Please do not burry this bug and let it run for the next 6 months, its really annoying when there’s a level up going on and you need to manipulate grounds …


Ps : I may fw a video in PM @LadyGeek if you really need me to, but its kinda heavy and can’t upload here.


Same thing has been happening to me for weeks

I’ve tried to have this recreated and wasn’t able to. Send me the video on Line or email, please.

Happens to me every day too

So, any news @LadyGeek ?

Was someone able to recreate this ?
Will The Team™ look into this ?

I got a video and passed it on, but I didn’t get it uploaded until today so I won’t get any feedback until Monday at the earliest.

Ok, thanks for the update and for your time, let’s wait for Monday !

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I think I used to have this, I was running a old iPad, new iPad sorted it🤷🏼‍♂️

Holy shite I thought I was the only one who experienced this!!!
Ever since the last update I can’t do anything especially train toons when someone in my faction is holding the training time territory. Nice to see I’m not the only person lol.

Now let’s see if it gets fixed :roll_eyes:

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All of these things were answered and dont need multiple responses

So sorry I offended you …

@LadyGeek any hint from The Team™ ?

:crossed_fingers:still hopin for a fix …

:crossed_fingers: still …

Yes it is crushing my training too

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