Training Ground Level 20


I came across this wiki for the game a while back

I just want to know if anyone can confirm the 5* toons that you can get from Level 20, if anyone has ever gotten those toons from Level 20, and if any new ones have been added. I am yet to get a 5* toon from Level 20. I mostly get 3* toons and have gotten a 4* toon twice. I am about to do 3 runs at level 20 and hope for the best.


i got yellow tyreese and annie from there while stacking up survivors .


I’ve had an Andrea and Green Abe from there


I can also confirm it’s working


Nice! The wiki is a little outdated and not updated often. So there must be a pool of new toons that were added to it since you got Annie and she is not on that list. Green Abe isn’t on the list either, thanks for that update. I like your name btw Frank Reynolds, haha. I love my Sunny!


Been running legendary training for way over a year, still waiting on my first 5 star :wink:


I’ve had the green (soon to be ascendable) Glenn


Any toon you can buy from the Depo as far as I have seen, Ive had Dropper Zeek, Tyreese and Andrea :slight_smile:


I believe it is pretty much the following:

Andrea, Tyreese (Blue and Yellow), Morgan, Governor, Dwight, Annie, Zeke, Glenn, Rick

Eric might be in there too.


i got green zeke twice… but that is out of hundreds of trainings. The level 20 is my stacking ground and has been running for months on end. As the odds are, 3* is most likely, 4* is very lucky and 5* is holy shit!!! :blush:


It is always a nice surprise when I pull one from here because I never expect it!


plenty of faction mates have gotten them. I never have though.


Yep, can confirm Eric. My one and only 5* from legendary training.