Trainers should not take a roster spot

I would like to suggest that trainers should not take up a roster spot. Between Lilleth. Benedicts basils Burt ulyssses. U can have like 200 roster spots taken up. These should be stacked on top of each other like gear. 20 Burt’s take up 1 slot. My roster is constantly full.


You save Burts?

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I do between levelups.

All I hear is complaints about GTA online. Get a few buddies and do Pacific standard or any heist. Make quick easy bucks with just a bit of time. Never bought shark cards and had every vehicle we could want.

Wow. Roster management as a skill was already nerfed when they doubled the size.
I say let it be. Plenty of other things to fix

Rockstar is better than most, Sharkcards are completely optional.

Why having a roster limit anyway

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